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Autumn in Japan

Posted on September 20, 2010 within News

Please download and glance at our Flyer describing enchanting Japan during the Autumn season–traveling with JapanQuest Journeys on a bespoke luxury experience. Autumn arrives in but the blink of an eye to transform the foliage on mountain slopes into a blaze of red, orange and yellow, a celebration of colors that easily rivals the beautiful costumes on a Kabuki stage.

Let JapanQuest Journeys expertly lead you on an unforgettable and compelling trip full of intimate discoveries through the real Japan, through the seasons of a country traditional yet modern, and rich in scenic beauty and cultural heritage.

Click Here For JapanQuest Journeys’ Autumn Flyer PDF

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A Delightful Onsen Awaits

Posted on September 20, 2010 within News

Japan is blessed with an abundance of natural hot springs or “onsen” located in wonderfully scenic areas throughout the Japanese archipelago. Onsen are be found at the base of mountains, along riverbanks and next to the sea. During the coming months we will introduce you to some of our favorite onsen in Japan but first I want to describe to you the pleasure of an onsen experience.

Many of Japan’s fine ryokan or inns are built in areas with naturally occurring hot springs. Such inns often have both indoor onsen baths and outdoor outdoor onsen baths called “rotenburo “ After checking into your inn and getting settled in your room, change into a light cotton robe or “yukata” and proceed to the onsen where you will first shower before entering the delightfully warm bath. In general, one would start with the indoor bath before heading to the rotenburo. As you soak in the soothing water and beads of sweat appear on your forehead, move to the rotenburo where the blast of fresh outdoor air will leave you with a wonderfully refreshing feeling before you enter the rotenburo and soak in the natural surroundings about you. When you are done, simply dry off (no need to take a shower again as the onsen waters contain minerals good for your skin) and head to your room where a sumptuous dinner awaits you. Enjoy the onsen again prior to retiring for the evening or upon awakening in the morning. An onsen experience is truly wonderful and we look forward to guiding you to the finest onsen that Japan has to offer.

Mitsuna Satooka

Asia Jet Announces its Collaboration with JapanQuest Journeys

Posted on September 16, 2010 within Press

Asia Jet can now provide bespoke tailor-made luxury experiences within Japan to coincide with the latest regulatory announcement by the Ministry of Transportation of Japan opening up the luxury tourism market for private jet users for the first time. Please download Asia Jet’s Press Release announcing its new collaboration with JapanQuest Journeys.

Click Here For Asia Jet’s Press Release

Scott Gilman

JapanQuest Journeys and Asia Jet Announce an Exciting New Partnership for Private Luxury Air Travel and Bespoke Luxury Journeys to Japan

Posted on September 13, 2010 within Press

(Washington, DC ,Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai September 13, 2010)

JapanQuest Journeys and Asia Jet are pleased to announce their partnership to jointly offer bespoke “tailor-made” luxury journeys to Japan to bring our high-end clients the ultimate in luxury air and on-the-ground travel. The collaboration combines Asia Jet’s deep knowledge and experience flying the finest private jet fleet and providing prestigious service, with JapanQuest Journey’s expertise and reach on tailor-made luxury journeys as well as insider access to the best hotels, restaurants, sites and activities of Japan based upon decades of an extensive network of locally cultivated relationships. Continue Reading JapanQuest Journeys and Asia Jet Announce an Exciting New Partnership for Private Luxury Air Travel and Bespoke Luxury Journeys to Japan

Announcing an Exciting New Partnership with Asia Jet for Private Luxury Air Travel Together With JapanQuest Journeys’ Bespoke Luxury Journeys to Japan

Posted on September 13, 2010 within News

Luxury Journeys to Japan with Asia Jet PartnershipJapanQuest Journeys and Asia Jet have joined as Partners to bring our high-end clients the ultimate in luxury air and on-the-ground travel experiences – tailor-made and uniquely designed to specific client requirements. Asia Jet, the only company dedicated to providing a luxury lifestyle private jet card program in Asia, offers a range of services to suit both regional and worldwide requirements. Through its exclusive alliance with Metrojet, Asia Jet Card members enjoy convenience, quality, safety and one of the largest charter fleets in the region. JapanQuest Journeys will offer customized journeys in the months ahead both on a seasonal and year-round basis as joint offerings with Asia Jet.

Our Partnership will expand JapanQuest Journeys’ footprint deeper into the Asian luxury travel marketplace – bringing our clients a superior and unique experience from the leader in ‘Bespoke Luxury Journeys to Japan.’

Scott Gilman and Philip Rosenfeld

An Extraordinary Opportunity to Experience Japan

Posted on September 3, 2010 within News

Please take an opportunity to download and glance at our Flyer which illustrates how JapanQuest Journeys can capture the imagination and attention of high-end travelers worldwide. Share it with your family and friends. Our blog will be updated on a regular basis with our marketing communications–making them available to our valued clients, high-end travel agents and all those that visit our website and blog.

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