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Japan is Stunning in Autumn and Wintertime

Posted on September 6, 2018 within News

japan in autumn featuring a beautiful temple

Explore Japan in Autumn

… And Be Awed By Kyoto’s Maples

Imagine being in Kyoto on a delightfully cool day this fall. Meander into some of the city’s most tucked away temples like Unryu-in and Komyo-in before dusk hits the sky. Visit Nanzenji, home to two of Kyoto’s finest karesansui dry landscape gardens. This lovely temple is famous for its autumn foliage. Enjoy viewing the beautiful maples lining the river from Togetsu-kyo Bridge in peaceful Arashiyama. The maples are illuminated in the evening at some of Kyoto’s most famous temples. It is truly a moment when you can feel the natural beauty abound in Japan. Continue Reading Japan is Stunning in Autumn and Wintertime