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Luxury Accommodations


Kuramure, Otaru

RyokanThe Master, Sanada’s dream of operating a “comfortable hotel” began to be realized in 1998 when he met the like minded architect Nakayama Makoto and together they stayed in various hotels all over the country, learning and planning together over several years. Through modeling and drawing they experimented with bold and risky designs, sometimes having to abandon their ideas completely but never giving up until they hit upon the right model. As a result the hotel’s construction didn’t begin until 2001 and even during construction the location of windows and materials were modified repeatedly. In 2002, the hotel was officially opened.

In 2012, we ushered in the 10th anniversary of the hotel, becoming a representative of the small- and medium-sized hotels in Hokkaido. From 2013, we will take the first steps to realize a dream that has as yet not been achieved in the past 10 years.

The modeling here gives an image of how the Kura (Japanese traditional warehouses) were connected. Through the image of the brook of Asarigawa and the landscape to the surrounding villages, the leisure life of the Japanese is fully shown.

Takinoya, Noboribetsu

Takinoya Takinoya ryokan, nestled among the leafy forests of southern Hokkaido’s Noboribetsu resort area, is a glorious location to rest your eyes on the wonders of nature as you soak away your cares in some of the finest hot springs in Japan.

Whether you are after the healing waters of Noboribetsu onsen or the area’s natural splendor, Takinoya is an excellent choice in any season. In spring and summer, the prime seasons in this northernmost prefecture, the area buzzes with visitors from all over the world, attracted by the beauty of the natural surroundings. Winter is somewhat quieter, with a tranquil beauty all its own, muffled by blankets of snow. Autumn is also a popular season, when the foliage turns from summer green to blazing fall colors.

Inside, Takinoya is elegant and tasteful – Japanese art, both traditional and modern, graces the interior spaces, which are outfitted in the lovely, spare, zen-inspired geometric simplicity of traditional Japanese design. The ryokan’s hallways are floored with tatami, and guests pad around in bare feet or special socks, unlike most ryokan, where slippers are the norm.

The onsen baths boast five different types of water, piped in from the famous Jigokudani onsen source, with different mineral content, acidity and alkalinity to ease both body and mind.

The owners, the Suga family, have five generations of experience serving up their exemplary brand of hospitality, having operated Takinoya since its beginning as a small restaurant in 1918. Let them and the rest of Takinoya’s staff show you what omotenashi, traditional Japanese hospitality, is all about.

The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa, Toya

The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa Situated on a hilltop between the beautiful Lake Toya and the Pacific Ocean, The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa provides magnificent breathtaking views of pure beauty. One must see it to truly experience the poetry created by the mountainous land and the way it is harmonized by the surrounding water. Visitors can enjoy the environment while taking part in leisure activities including skiing, golf, tennis and hot springs baths all located within the resort.

The atmosphere within The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa uniquely blends a sophisticated cosmopolitan style with traditional Japanese elegance. The international staff will surpass visitors expectations with refined yet welcoming service. The hotel has been designed to indulge visitors in supreme pleasure. Fresh flavorful cuisine incorporating Hokkaido’s natural ingredients can be relished at our French or Japanese food restaurants, among several others. The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa was the main conference site of 34th G8 summit, which was the fifth G8 summit to take place in Japan.

Kasara Niseko Village Townhouse, Niseko

Kasara Niseko Village Townhouse Situated at the base of Mount Niseko Annupuri, Kasara Niseko Village Townhouse occupies a unique position at the heart of Niseko Village. Eight exclusive townhouses mark the first highly anticipated phase of YTL Hotels’ redefinition of alpine living at Niseko Village with ski runs and lifts a mere heartbeat away.

Embodying authentic Japanese charm with contemporary elegance and embracing nature, the dwellings are an ode to Japan’s heritage townhouses that were inhabited by craftsmen and wealthy merchants toward the end of the Edo period.

Together with YTL Hotels, the award-winning studio, Design Intervention, has created bespoke interiors with Japanese design principles in mind. The shibumi moment of inspiration came when two distinctly different cultures, East and West, were united in a common approach. The pursuit of shibumi is guided by seven key principles that is embraced through all aspects at Kasara Niseko Village Townhouse flowing from its architecture and design through to its activities and experiences.

Hazel Grouse Manor, Eastern Hokkaido

Hazel Grouse Manor Indulge in the luxury of graceful country life with great Nature right at your doorsteps, just one and a half hours away from Tokyo in Eastern Hokkaido.

Enjoy walks along the limpid stream flowing from Lake Mashu-ko, by the stables and through the gardens. Open your window to a spectacular view that will surely free you of stress and let you forget time.

At Hazel Grouse Manor, we welcome you to enjoy gourmet artisan meals made with local food and to revive your spirits through horseback riding, fishing, nature watching and other intriguing activities.