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Luxury Accommodations


The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

The Ritz-Carlton, KyotoThe Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto sits serenely on the banks of the Kamogawa river, in a prime location with expansive views of the famous Higashiyama Sanju-Roppo (36-mountain range). The hotel is also close to Kyoto’s famous downtown districts such as Gion, Kawaramachi and Pontocho streets, convenient locations for both sightseeing and business. Here, you can experience quality time that is only available in the world’s finest hotels, in a luxurious space that is steeped in the ancient traditions and culture of Kyoto. At the Ritz-Carlton, our long experience and deep understanding of guests’ needs allow us to offer a unique brand of hospitality, which we hope will remain in our guests’ hearts forever.

Four Seasons Hotel, Kyoto

Four Seasons Hotel, KyotoDiscover the style and vibe of today’s Japan at a brand-new hotel with an 800-year-old ikeniwa (pond garden) at its heart. Intimate and contemporary, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is set in the scenic district of temples. Experience personalized insider access to Kyoto’s four-season delights. Relax in light-filled and spacious guest rooms. Double-height windows frame our tranquil garden as you enjoy modern brasserie dining. Sip local craft beers on our waterside terrace. Cross the glass bridge for matcha in our Tea House. Float in our indoor pool, then melt into bliss in the spa.


Park Hyatt, Kyoto

Park Hyatt, KyotoPark Hyatt Kyoto combines the distinctive culture of Japan’s ancient capital of high art and soul with the elegance of the Park Hyatt brand. In harmony with iconic landmarks and temples, spiritual gardens and nature’s four seasons, Park Hyatt Kyoto’s hillside retreat is an architectural gem, designed as the quintessential guesthouse illuminated by the mist and the moon, offering a unique blend of modern heritage and hospitality.


Aman, Kyoto

Aman, KyotoAman Kyoto represents the fruition of a beautiful landscape first conceived as the garden of a textile museum. Whimsical stone pathways curve gently along the forest floor, and stone slabs blanketed in moss serve as the foundations for the resort’s architecture. The secluded grounds are part of what was an artistic community that gave rise to the revered Rinpa school of painting some 400 years ago, and are within easy reach of Kyoto’s most important sites, including the stunning golden temple, Kinkakuji. The large Rooms & Pavilions serve as a window onto their spectacular natural surroundings. Discover all that Aman Kyoto has to offer, from immersive wellness experiences and exceptional dining, to tailored excursions revealing the city’s remarkable history.

Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto, Kyoto

Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, KyotoSuiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto, the first Luxury Collection hotel in Japan, and one of Kyoto’s newest properties. The hotel caters beautifully set 39-rooms with traditional Japanese décor, restaurant and café in 100-years old Japanese style villa, and 2 private spa with natural Arashiyama hot spring.

The hotel is located in Kyoto Arashiyama, a destination that dates back to 794, when Kyoto, the called Heian-kyo became home to the imperial court, Arashiyama flourished as a summer and holiday retreat for court nobles attracted to its scenic charms. Suiran presides on the very riverside property that was especially favored for its sweeping view of the Arashiyama hills. Looking out over the pristine waters of the Hozu River onto the timeless forested slopes beyond, Suiran offers an unparalleled vantage from which to enjoy the natural beauty of Japan in every season, from the riotous cherry blossoms of spring and the luxuriant verdure and splashing waters of summer to autumn’s bright tapestry of leaves and silvery blankets of snow in winter.

Suiran’s location serviced as a venue for elegant socializing well into the modern era. In 1899 Baron Shozo Kawasaki built his Enmeikaku villa here; 1910 this was followed the Hasshoken house, where distinguished personages gathered to compose poetry amid the spectacular views. These elements of Suiran’s esteemed architectural heritage have been preserved as the hotel’s signature restaurant and café, respectively.

Within its richly historic setting, Suiran was created to inherit and improve the past while opening the way to the future. This world-class property seamlessly blends the enduring cultural traditions of old Kyoto with modern-day comforts to offer all travelers exceptional experiences steeped in warmth and sophistication.

The Hotel Okura, Kyoto

Kyoto Hotel Okura, KyotoMuch like the city of Kyoto, The Hotel Okura is known for its harmonious blend of both Japanese and western influences. Throughout our hotels over one 125 year history, we have provided our guests with the highest possible standards of guest services, elegance, and attention to detail. Our gourmet restaurants, intimate bars, and luxurious rooms allow our guests to truly enjoy an unforgettable Kyoto experience. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown, with breath-taking views of the Higashiyama Mountains, and modern and historical city surroundings.


Hiiragiya Ryokan, Kyoto

Hiiragiya Ryokan, KyotoHiiragiya, established in 1818, is one of Kyoto’s premier ryokans. Unobtrusive, meticulous attention is the hallmark of Hiiragiya. An inscription that holds a prominent place in the entry hall of Hiiragiya – “Kuru mono, kaeru gotoshi” – has become the innkeeper’s motto…that a guest at Hiiragiya might feel “as if he or she has come home.” The service at Hiiragiya is attentive to a fault, but the real charm lies in the time and care given to the most inconspicuous details: catching a glimpse of the gardener carefully removing the last microscopic weed from the mossy garden floor…or the maid, who has been with the inn for over fifty years, fussing over the flower arrangement in the alcove. She must slip the last and most important flower into place just before you enter your room. Located in central Kyoto, Hiiragiya makes for a very pleasant base from which to explore this fascinating city.

HOSHINOYA Kyoto, Kyoto

On the Hozu River, deep in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto, HOSHINOYA Kyoto stands like an aristocrat’s retreat from the Heian Dynasty from over a thousand years ago. Guests arrive by boat, traveling along the river surrounded by lush mountains whose trees change color with the seasons. Arriving at HOSHINOYA is entering a different world and a different time.

HOSHINOYA Kyoto promises an extraordinary Kyoto experience. It has traditional yet stylish Japanese rooms with river views and beautiful serene gardens. Here, you can relax with fluffy futons on an elevated platform and elegant couches facing the river. Or enjoy the creative Japanese cuisine at HOSHINOYA, which includes a dynamic demonstration of soba noodle making. If you wish to explore the Kyoto experience further, HOSHINOYA offers various cultural activities such as incense and tea ceremonies, kimono rentals, Zen meditation, and guided private tours.

Iyuki Ryokan, Kyoto

Iyuki Ryokan, KyotoIyuki, located at the top of Maruyama Koen in the heart of Kyoto, is an oasis of refinement and serenity. This beautiful 100-year old sukiya style property, which has been lovingly maintained by the same family for three generations, consists of three simple yet elegant guest rooms. A night at Iyuki is like a stay in a luxurious yet traditional Japanese home where guests are pampered with accouterments of the finest quality. After awakening in the morning to the gentle ringing of the bells at nearby Chioin Temple, you will be treated to a wonderful breakfast (Iyuki is renowned among ryokan aficionados as having the finest Japanese breakfast in the land). While dinner is not typically served at Iyuki allowing guests to enjoy one of Kyoto’s many fine restaurants, in-house arrangements for dinner can be made.

Miyamasou Ryokan, Kyoto

 Miyamasou Ryokan, KyotoMiyamasou, located in the heart of the mountains approximately one hour north of Kyoto by car, was originally a Buddhist temple lodging constructed over 110 years ago. A journey to Miyamasou is like a trip through time as one passes through secluded mountain villages that have remained in many ways as they have been for centuries.

This small yet elegant property consists of four guest rooms, three of which face directly onto the gleaming teratani river with the fourth being the original temple lodging. Each room is stunning in its own right. A stay in one of the glass-fronted sukiya style rooms facing the river evokes a feeling of being at one with nature while the temple lodging offers a glimpse into a bygone era with gorgeous wood paneling and beautifully adorned fusuma sliding doors. As much as a stay at Miyamasou is a feast for the eyes, it is also a feast for the palate. Miyamasou utilizes the finest seasonal ingredients from the surrounding fields, forests, and rivers to create a sumptuous kaiseki dinner and a delectable breakfast. The service at Miyamasou is sublime with friendly and attentive staff.

Miyamasou is beautiful any time of year: mountain cherry blossom trees herald the arrival of spring, fireflies flicker in the summer night air, while autumn brings forth an illumination of a different kind as the mountainside bursts forth in an array of red, yellow and orange only to be followed by a blanket of white snow in the winter.

Sasayuri-Ann, Nara

Sasayuri-Ann, NaraSpend a fabulous evening in beautiful and agricultural Nara at luxury rice terrace villa Sasayuri-Ann. This traditional-style thatched roof house is newly restored and equipped with brand-new facilities. Enjoy distant views of breathtaking mountain ranges and rice terraces from the villa’s large windows and terrace. An evening at Sasayuri-Ann is perfect for one to two nights if you’re looking for a unique ryokan surrounded by superb views, fresh mountain air, and starry night skies. Sasayuri-Ann serves excellent food and offers some really fun special experiences in an intimate setting including private yoga lessons, farming and local fruit picking excursions, music workshops, guided hikes and helicopter tours.

Tawaraya Ryokan, Kyoto

Tawaraya Ryokan, KyotoFor over 300 years, the world-renowned Tawaraya Ryokan has been run by generations of the same family. It is one of Kyoto’s classic ryokans with traditional and elegant kaiseki meals served in the confines of your room by ever-attentive kimono-clad staff. Walking into Tawaraya is like finding the Japan you always read about in glossy photo books: romantic wooden corridors, soft lights from paper-covered lamps, baskets of wildflowers and shadowy rooms open to a moss garden. Located in the center of Kyoto, Tawaraya provides easy access to all of Kyoto’s wonderful sites.


Yoshida Sanso, Kyoto

Nestled in the peace and quiet of Mt. Yoshida, Yoshida-Sanso was originally built by master craftsmen as the residence of Prince Higashi-Fushimi, uncle of the current Japanese Emperor Akihito. An elegant blend of East and West, the architecture reflects the sophisticated tastes of the Japanese nobility during the early Showa era. At the heart of this lies the aesthetic of wabi-sabi, an appreciation of the beauty of the simple. The owners of Yoshida-Sanso invite you to stay with us and experience the true essence of Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital of arts and culture.

The main house at Yoshida Sanso was built in the classic Shoin style of Japanese architecture, using the finest materials and workmanship available. We have painstakingly preserved the many elegant details of this historic house, while also adding many modern comforts and amenities for our guests. Our talented chefs have dedicated their lives to preserving and perfecting the fine art of Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine. Crafted from the very freshest of seasonal delicacies, each dish manifests the natural essence of the ingredients featured. Come and enjoy the pleasures of a truly flavorful and unique dining experience. 

Yoshikawa Inn, Kyoto

 Yoshikawa Ryokan, KyotoYoshikawa Inn, an established Japanese auberge, offers you an elegant and peaceful atmosphere of ancient capital Kyoto. You will enjoy a relaxing moment in the authentic Japanese sukiya-style building, conveniently located in the center of Kyoto. Yoshikawa Inn is a small inn with only 9 rooms, offering a friendly and warm-hearted welcome to each guest. Yoshikawa Inn is also famous as an established tempura restaurant.

Enjoy the tempura and Kyoto-style traditional kaiseki cuisine utilizing fresh ingredients. For those who are keen on tempura, you can choose tempura dinner course served at the counter-style table where the chef prepares tempura one by one in front of you.