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Iwaso Ryokan, Miyajima

Iwaso Ryokan, MiyajimaAn evening at Iwaso on Miyajima is magical. After the crowds have returned to the mainland for the day, Miyajima takes on a feeling of absolute serenity. In the early morning hours, you can stand on the beach and watch in complete silence as the sun rises and illuminates the sky over Itsukushima Shrine. Your only company will be the deer that make their home on the island. While a stay at Iwaso is a treat at any time of year, in the autumn, the island’s maple trees burst forth in an array of colors creating a beautiful scene beyond your imagination. When staying at Iwaso, we recommend that you spend the evening in one of the inn’s hanare or detached cottages, where you can pass the night in complete silence only to be greeted in the morning by the deer roaming nearby.