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Japan Bespoke Tour Custom Itineraries

From $3,000 per person per day, double occupancy

JapanQuest Journeys has a depth of experience in Japan that is unparalleled in scope and reach. Our expertise spans beyond the ordinary allowing us to offer our clients the finest of Japan. There is much to experience and we will recommend destinations that will be enriching, fun and unique. It’s impossible to see it all but we will make sure that you see the best. Here are some of our favorite spots so you may begin to visualize where your journey may lead.

The following sample of Japan bespoke travel itineraries provides a framework – illustrating our style of recommended travel throughout Japan. Each Japan tour bespoke itinerary is highly customized to each client’s interests and needs and will incorporate a variety of special experiences, accommodation styles, and culinary choices, as desired. Please use these as a guide to your planning but recognize that a final itinerary will be tailored specifically for you. Included herein are three Japan tour bespoke itineraries built around a core journey – differentiated to reflect either more time in areas throughout the beautiful island studded Inland Sea or within Japan’s picturesque countryside.

Please refer to other sections of our site that further describe our approach to special experiences, accommodations/culinary choices and our traveler services.

Signature Journey Collection Japan Tour Custom Itineraries

From $3,000 per person per day, double occupancy

Our Signature Journey Collection represents some of the most amazing and timeless places that remain off well-trodden paths and encompass fabulously beautiful, interesting and culturally enriching areas throughout Japan. Our shorter duration trips are perfect for travelers in the Asia region, cruise shore excursions and for those passing through Japan seeking a very special experience. These journeys can also be added as extensions to any of our bespoke “tailor-made” tours. Combined with some of the absolute best and eclectic accommodations in the country, our journeys are masterfully crafted to meet the interests and passions of our clients.

From the northern island of Hokkaido and its great outdoors to the spiritual centers of Koyasan and Ise to the art and hot spring rich areas on the Island of Kyushu to remote and untouched islands in Japan, let JapanQuest Journeys offer you the chance to explore Japan’s mysteries and delights undisturbed and in-depth, unlocking thousand-year-old secrets one by one.