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A Newcomer’s View

Posted on June 1, 2012 within News

Recently, I joined JapanQuest Journeys as our West Coast Regional Representative after living in the US for about 25 years as an hotelier. I love hospitality and have always incorporated my Japanese service excellence within my western environment— delivering the highest levels of service for my clientele. When I was first introduced to JapanQuest Journeys, I instantly saw a discerning company featuring the very finest Japan has to offer high-end travelers in a truly unique and creative manner.

JapanQuest Journeys’ Co-Founders, Scott Gilman and Philip Rosenfeld, elicit excitement about journeying to Japan as experienced and passionate travelers themselves, conveying the essence of Japan through the lens of locals to foreign clientele. As cultural and country experts, Scott and Philip can relate to their clientele in a way that maximizes their experiences, shares insider access and fulfills each client’s passions and interests. They have traversed Japan for many years, are respected and exceedingly well connected throughout the country. Each knows what real luxury is and how to deliver high-touch service. Both keenly understand what foreigners are looking for in a Japanese experience and offer very “tailor-made” solutions.

JapanQuest Journeys’ third Partner is Mitsuna Satooka, an accomplished author on Japanese service quality and named as ANA’s Number One Flight Attendant. Mitsuna oversees our concierge services and trains our guides on the ground. This dynamic trio of expertise uniquely represents JapanQuest Journeys’ ingredient for excellence.

Whenever I return to Japan, attention to detail and thoughtfulness is abundant. White-glove service is all around me from the taxi drivers to well-appointed shops and hotels. Japanese beauty is in its simplicity and a reflection of the heart. I believe that Japanese hospitality or omotenashi is coming from a concentration of service quality and always get inspired from a trip to Japan. When I go back to LA, I love to serve friends with kindness of heart and Zen protocol. You will see the same from our team who will bring a level of care and attention directly to you that will exude the finest levels of Japanese service quality and service overlay.

Let JapanQuest Journeys inspire you to visit Japan and to see it as an insider—up close and personal. For your west coast needs, please contact me at hiromi@asiaquestjourneys.com or 424-245-5450.

Hiromi Koshi, West Coast Regional Representative