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Exclusive Sake Experiences in 2018

Posted on February 5, 2018 within News

best japanese sake brands in 2018

Learn from the experts about the best Japanese sake brands and microbreweries!

Sake is an essential part of Japanese culinary culture. Experience the pleasure of sake at quintessential breweries in the heartland of Takayama or visit a Kyoto-based microbrewery to learn how sake is made and sample their delicious products. 

Join our sake expert in downtown Tokyo where you will take part in the tradition of Kaku-uchi – sampling different types of sake while casually chatting and enjoying the lively local atmosphere. Our sake expert will provide you with essential knowledge that will increase your enjoyment and assist you to find your type of sake. 

One of the most interesting dimensions of drinking sake is how to pair it with food. During an exclusive dinner with our sake expert you will enjoy fine Japanese cuisine cooked with fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared in harmony with well-selected sake.