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Best-Value Splurge Accommodations in Japan

Posted on May 1, 2020 within News

splurge accommodations japan including ryokans and more

Discover Splurge Accommodations and Rice Terrace Villas in Japan

Spend a fabulous evening or two in rural Nara at the luxury rice terrace villas of Sasayuri-ann. These two traditional-style thatched roof villas are newly restored, private and equipped with brand-new facilities where you can enjoy views of breathtaking mountain ranges and rice terraces. Sasayuri-Ann encompasses the perfect combination of Japanese style and luxurious accommodation. A Michelin starred chef from Nara will join you in your villa to prepare a Japanese Kaiseki (multi-course) dinner for you before your eyes. Sasayuri-Ann also offers a delicious shabu-shabu dinner while sitting around a beautiful iori or hearth. Both make for a truly special evening at Sasayuri-Ann. We suggest renting one of the villas if there are two of you or both villas if more people.

We highly suggest waking up early and experiencing a relaxing walk in Akame led by a Buddhist priest. Akame is a beautiful and forested area where the Ninja culture was created and features 48 taki or waterfalls. 

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