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JapanQuest Journeys Announces the Launch of Its Luxury Hotel and Ryokan Collection

Posted on December 6, 2012 within News, Press

(Washington, DC and Tokyo, Japan, December 6, 2012)

JapanQuest Journeys is pleased to present its Luxury Hotel and Ryokan Collection. Having traveled extensively throughout Japan for many years, we have developed close and unique relationships with a great many of the country’s finest hotels and ryokans. Our first-hand, insider knowledge at each of these properties enables us to share with you the secrets to creating a truly memorable stay.

From being able to recommend nights at a contemporary leading luxury five-star hotel in Tokyo with impeccable service and the most splendid views of Tokyo’s glittering skyline to a romantic quintessential ryokan in Kyoto or an artful museum stay on Naoshima Island are many of the fine, intimate and eclectic choices from JapanQuest Journeys. Our access extends far beyond our Luxury Collection so please contact us about any region of Japan where we can suggest and book the very best.

Complementing our full destination management services, we offer our more self-directed clientele the expertise and advice to choose and book the very best places to stay, all the while benefiting from our access, pricing and experience. Let JapanQuest Journeys make your journey easier and more enriching through our consultative approach to choosing your accommodations. Available with our full destination management services and for the self-directed traveler.

As Scott Gilman and Philip Rosenfeld, Co-Founders of JapanQuest Journeys describe,”Imagine a stay at a beautiful Japanese ryokan, a quintessential cultural experience of remarkable serenity. Relax in the confines of a simple tatami room, look out at an exquisite private garden while sipping delicious green tea, enjoy an enticingly warm “ofuro” bath and return to your room for a fabulous “kaiseki” traditional Japanese meal. There is no better way to deeply experience the noble nature of the sophisticated kaiseki menu than at a peaceful inn. The lady-owner of the house, kimono-clad and a paragon of Japanese beauty, welcomes you to her well-reputed inn-family owned for generations-with a cautious politeness but a genuine warmth that makes you feel instantly welcome.

Taking off your shoes and stepping into the inn’s dimly lit halls and wooden corridors, the alluring charm of old Japan soon embraces you with its nostalgic flair enticing your senses to tune into the subtle shades and muffled sounds of the centuries old building tucked away in a picturesque street or valley of evergreen forests.

The Zen-like simplicity of the tatami-floored rooms bare of furniture except for a low table and zabuton cushions where seemingly invisible hands serve you green tea and lay out your futon, teaches you to appreciate the intricate lattice and translucent white paper of the fragile sliding screens that serve to hide the majestic view of the surrounding lands’ serene beauty.

A quiet evening spent leisurely wearing a comfortable yukata gown and listening to the mysterious gurgling of a nearby stream evokes beautiful memories of the day.”

To contact JapanQuest Journeys, please visit its web site at https://www.japanquestjourneys.com, call us at 202-455-0095 (Washington, DC) or email us at info@japanquestjourneys.com.

About JapanQuest Journeys

JapanQuest Journeys is the premier firm specializing in bespoke “tailor-made” luxury journeys to Japan with an unparalleled and undiluted single-country focus. With offices in the US and Japan, we deliver a wealth of unique Japanese expertise based upon decades of first-hand experiences and an intimate understanding of the cultural, historic and modern landscape. We will share extraordinary experiences and insider access — making available the “real”Japan through an extensive network of locally cultivated relationships.

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