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Japan Travel Tips in AFAR Magazine

Posted on June 23, 2019 within News

japan travel tips from an expert tour guide

Japan Travel Tips from Scott Gilman

AFAR Magazine put together a wonderful article featuring Japan travel tips. We were honored to have Scott Gilman asked to contribute. Scott’s biggest tip?

Meet the locals

Visitors can dip a toe into Japanese culture by sitting in the audience of a Kabuki performance or by admiring objects in a museum, but those activities can limit the depth of your understanding. For Scott Gilman of JapanQuest Journeys, the best part of visiting the country is getting to know the people who live there. “Make sure that you go out of your way to interact with Japanese people from all walks of life to soak up this amazingly kind, interesting, and eclectic culture,” he says. Outside of Tokyo, schoolkids may approach you in the hope of practicing a few English phrases, and everywhere you go, locals will do their best to get around language barriers to help you find your way and to share the best of their city or neighborhood with you.

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