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Venturing to the Exquisite Nezu Art Museum and Japanese Gardens

Posted on November 18, 2010 within News

On a recent long weekend getaway to Tokyo, I took the opportunity to revisit the Nezu Art Museum located in the elegant Minami Aoyoma section of Tokyo. I was first struck by the expansive outdoor entrance way lined with perfectly set bamboo and trimmed foliage. As I entered the recently gentrified edifice, I encountered an open and contemporary architectural style to house its vast rotating collections. In the course of a year, many Japanese and East Asian arts are displayed (including 7 works designated as National Treasures). I was fortunate to view a beautiful Chinese porcelain celadon and bronze exhibition with works dating back to the 12th century or earlier.

Peering through the glass facade, I was immediately intrigued by Nezu’s exquisite Japanese gardens with its rolling slopes, stepping stones, tea houses and an extensive collection of stone lanterns perfectly placed throughout the colorful fauna. On a beautiful Autumn day, it was a serene stroll well worth taking. I am anxiously looking forward to a journey in the spring when Nezu showcases its Japanese screen or “byobu” collection. Nezu is a must see for lovers of art and Japanese gardens and a favorite suggested venue.

Scott Gilman