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Nihonbashi is One of Our Favorite Tokyo Neighborhoods

Posted on March 2, 2011 within News

The beauty of Tokyo lies in its individual neighborhoods and in many ways Tokyo is the largest, most exciting village in the world. Over the course of nearly thirty years in Japan, I have spent countless hours and days exploring Tokyo only to find something new, exciting and beautiful with each adventure. From a quiet neighborhood shrine or temple where I can hear my own footsteps as I walk through the enchantingly serene grounds to some of the most modern landscapes in the world, Tokyo is an extraordinary city to behold and explore.

The juxtaposition of the historical with the modern in terms of architecture, customs and trends make Tokyo unique and very different from any other city in the world. Modern architectural masterpieces exist side by side with shops that have been in business for generations where kimono clad customers mingle with clientele wearing the latest designer fashions. Nowhere is this scene replayed more often than in Nihonbashi, the commercial epicenter of old Edo. As the twilight gives way to darkness, one can sense the melancholy of a bygone era when strolling down the quiet backstreets of Nihonbashi and many other neighborhoods in Tokyo.

During the coming months, we will introduce you to some of our favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo, each with its own unique flavor and spirit providing you with a taste of what you can expect to find on an incredible journey to Japan.

Nihonbashi is the home of our Partner, the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

The accompanying image depicts Nihonbashi bridge during the Edo period.

Philip Rosenfeld