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Some of the Best Hidden Places in Japan

Posted on April 10, 2020 within News

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Find The Best Secret Places in Japan

Off the southern coast of Kyushu lies the silent, mossy green, primeval forests of Yakushima, a World Heritage Site. On Yakushima, nature is abound in ancient cedar forests with trees dating back 7000 years  with monkeys and turtles roaming the dramatic coastline. Enjoy this extraordinary scenery and the  remoteness of the island known as ‘The Alps of the Sea’. Yakushima is an incredible island for both light and challenging trekking. After an active day, find respite Sankara, a beautiful island retreat.

Discover the castle town of Hagi, a well-preserved town with former samurai mansions and merchant quarters. Hagi is famous for Hagi-yaki pottery, which is especially renowned for its milky, white-glazed texture. While in Hagi, visit with master potters and see the historical Fukagawa Hagi kiln. Visit the Yukawa Family Residence (from the time of daimyo or clan rule), an interesting former samurai residence on the Aibagawa Waterway. Also experience Motonosumi Inari Shrine’s 123 torii gates that stretch to the sea. Stay at a lovely ryokan, Bettei Otozure, which is surrounded by nature, the mountains, beautiful landscape which will all take your breath away. 

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