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The Perfect Stealth of Mt. Fuji

Posted on September 24, 2015 within News

Mt. Fuji Travelers to Japan yearn for a naked-eye sighting of one of the planet’s most powerfully sacred mountains.Aboard the Shinkansen between several major destinations, if you keep your eyes scanning the endless landscape, you may just get a clear view of the legendary volcano through the train window. That’s if and only if the heavens above are in a charitable mood that day and the clouds have parted far and wide enough to accommodate your eyes’ desire.

Throughout your otherwise perfect journey in this captivating country you have all but crossed this daunting feat off your checklist. A trip a bit closer to the mountain itself, such as the enchanting town of Hakone, should do the trick. In the spirit of embracing the anticipation already brewing inside, you opt for the slow and scenic Tozan Railway from Odawara to Gora, followed by a sojourn to Lake Ashi; known in part for its incredible views of Fuji; hoping of reaching the moment you’ve been dreaming of. Desperately hopeful photographers and tourists alike accompany your search for the white cone in the sky, close enough to sense, but heartbreakingly still too shy to be identified. Disembark, head on over to the sublime Hyatt Regency Hakone, immerse yourself in the spa’s invigorating onsen, and absolve fantasies of a sighting.

The most enchanting moment of your voyage through Japan arrives bright and early the next morning, when gazing through your window at the commanding mountain range ahead you behold as the clouds disperse for a fragile moment and the sun awakens in unison.

Mount Fuji. Timeless. Transcendent. Ethereal.

Jason Gilman