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Welcome to JapanQuest Journeys!

Posted on August 4, 2010 within News

JapanQuest Journeys Blog by Philip and ScottWelcome to JapanQuest Journeys! Through this blog, we will be sharing with you our wealth of experience, expertise and fervor for Japan that has flourished over twenty-five years. I first visited Japan in 1983 and have since lived in this fascinating country for nearly fifteen years. My co-founder, Scott Gilman, has visited, lived and worked in Japan since 1990. During our time in Japan, we developed a passion for travel within the country – fueled by a deep affection for its people and a love of its art, culture, food and natural beauty. Although I have traveled extensively throughout all of Japan’s forty-seven prefectures, I am always eager to embark on my next trip in Japan for each journey is an adventure filled with new and wonderful surprises. Over the next weeks, months and years, Scott and I look forward to sharing with you the Japan that we have come to know so well and love. It is indeed a country that will capture your imagination.

Philip Rosenfeld