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Japan’s Beautiful Yamaguchi Prefecture and Famous Hagi-yaki Pottery

Posted on August 21, 2018 within News

Hagi japan

Yamaguchi Prefecture, located at the westernmost end of Japan’s main island of Honshu, has beautiful mountainous scenery and is famous for Hagi-yaki pottery. Hagi-yaki is especially renowned for its milky, white-glazed texture.

The former castle town of Hagi is the place to go in Yamaguchi. Hagi is a well-preserved town with former samurai mansions and merchant quarters where you can visit master potters and see the historical Fukagawa Hagi kiln.

The Yukawa Family Residence (from the time of daimyo or clan rule) is a splendid former samurai residence on the Aibagawa Waterway, also a must-see while in Hagi.

Another must-see is Motonosumi Inari Shrine’s 123 torii gates that stretch to the sea. The gates are dedicated to business prosperity, large catches at sea and maritime safety as well as warding off evil spirits and bringing good luck.

Bettei Otozure Japan

An Evening at Bettei Otozure

Bettei Otozure, located in Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is surrounded by nature, the mountains, beautiful landscape and the river Otozure. Here, the mountains do not care where you’ve been and the cascading sunshine and light winds that ease through the lobby do not care where you are going. All that matters is that you are right here. Every luxurious amenity you could want beckons to be discovered. The elegant surroundings, private walkways, and the views all take your breath away. Only 18 rooms are available, each offering broad space in which guests may relax and enjoy their time.

Bettei Otozure allows you to experience a traditional atmosphere in surroundings unique to Japan. The service given to guests is based on what the staff proudly call Omotenashi: compassion and hospitality from the heart.