Traveler Services for Tours to Japan

Tours to Japan OverviewChoosing a tour of Japan with JapanQuest Journeys (“JQJ”) is an utterly bespoke “tailor made” luxury experience. JQJ’s unique in-country presence deepens our knowledge of the local landscape and keeps us close to the market where personal relationships are key – providing our clients with insight and access to the most wonderful and intimate resources that will capture your imagination.

Your tour to Japan will be replete with flexibility; moving at your pace and attuned to your interests and needs. We offer you choices that are creative, interesting and exclusive – customized to achieve your travel objectives. Throughout your entire journey, our platinum end-to-end service will ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Once in Japan, we assign a member of our client services team – bringing a level of care and attention directly to you that will exude the finest levels of Japanese service quality during your tour to Japan. We will provide the local oversight to ensure your needs are attended to and that our team provides a seamless and high-quality experience.

We personally select all guides and continually monitor their performance under rigorous standards. Our guides are well known to us and are individually assigned to be the best match for your tour to Japan. We want to ensure that you enjoy your time with them and learn as much as you can, so personality fit is an important ingredient to a successful match. Our guides are the absolute best in Japan.

Finding the highest quality accommodations doesn’t just mean selecting a five-star hotel. There are many fine and eclectic places to stay in Japan ensconced in interesting surroundings – each having their own local nuances rendering the utmost in overall ambiance and style. We have been to every hotel, ryokan and temple lodging that we recommend and know the best rooms and understand the qualities of each property. We will only place you on a particular property if we can book the specific rooms and offer the highest level of service that will maximize your experience on your tour to Japan.Tours to Japan Overview It’s more than just choosing the most highly rated accommodations. From our experiences, much thought and experience come into play to select the proper mix of accommodation style throughout your travels. There are amazing options available that we will bring to your attention so you can enjoy the full flavor of Japan or as much to your liking. Nights at contemporary leading five-star hotels in exciting Tokyo, a romantic quintessential ryokan abutting a river in the mountains or perhaps a contemporary ryokan situated in a primeval forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean for an evening or two might be a fun option.

Clients come to us with a variety of interests and curiosities about Japan. Our ability to extend beyond the ordinary is extensive and is achieved through an array of available “special experiences”. Although the possibilities are endless, we would suggest weaving a few special interest opportunities into your tour to Japan. By way of examples, if architecture is your passion, we will invite an architectural expert to guide you on a journey through Tokyo’s modern and innovative architectural landscape to view sites designed by world-renowned Tadao Ando and Fumihiko Maki followed by a visit later on in your journey to the incredible Benesse House on Naoshima Island and the breathtaking work of I.M. Pei at the Miho Museum outside Kyoto. Our personal relationships can introduce you to private studios of renowned artists or geisha entertainment at an exclusive tea house in Kyoto. Calligraphy and ikebana (flower arranging) lessons can be arranged within the inner confines of a Shinto shrine normally closed to the public or enjoy private cooking lessons at the home of an internationally recognized Japanese cooking instructor. We want to understand your interests and passions and will offer great alternatives to explore at venues generally not available to others.

JapanQuest Journeys’ ability to deliver a unique high-end experience is unparalleled and you will experience Japan through the lens of “insiders” who can access it and know it exceedingly well.