Why Travel to Japan

Why Travel to JapanReasons To Visit Japan.

Well shielded from superficial observations, the true nature of this country reveals itself in the small traditional neighborhoods and restaurants tucked away in the backstreets of Tokyo’s mix of contemporary and eclectic skyscrapers, in the cobblestone alleyways of old Kyoto and in the dim light of early evening in Nara’s 1,000 year old temples.

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Travel to Japan in Spring

In spring the air is thick with the sweet scent of cherry blossoms that pervade every corner of Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital. The ocean of pink blooms covering the slopes of the Eastern Hills lightly sway in the cool breeze enthralling passers-by with their transient beauty, and inviting them to follow the trail of the blossoms through countless weather-beaten temple gates and the beautiful gardens of royal villas hidden behind tall walls.

The trickling sound of water from a nearby well soon opens your senses to the realm of the mysterious beauty of a rock garden. Holding your gaze, it makes you forget the time, holding tight onto the secrets of its creator. The muffled murmur of Buddhist priests chanting sutras and the faint gong of the temple bell lets you slip into a dream of days long past when powerful samurai wooed beautiful ladies with a poem written in big bold strokes yet carrying ever so subtle a meaning.

Blink your eyes and you are back in the here and now of the old Zen temple that oozes the hundreds of years of history it has seen come and go. The samurai’s calligraphy is still there for you to admire and an ageless priest whom until now went unnoticed will politely inquire as to whether he may explain the meaning behind this priceless piece of art unassumingly decorating the otherwise barren halls.

Travel to Japan in Summer

The chirping of cicadas in a small bamboo grove announces summer has arrived, and Tokyoites seek respite from the heat in the cooler air of the mountain resort of Hakone whose hills and lakes offer a range of perfect vantage points for gazing at the majestic Mt. Fuji, Japan’s most holy of peaks, which itself seems only a stone’s throw from the nearby ocean. In Japan, the mountains and the sea keep each other company, never far apart, like lovers in a romantic haiku poem.

Small villages and towns scattered in the countryside, the old castle town of Kanazawa and the living museums of the old merchant quarters of Kurashiki and Takayama invite you to take a taste of Japan’s countryside where centuries-old traditions have braved the unforgiving crucible of modernity.

Farmers still work their paddy fields in the early morning hours as they have done for eternity, and celebrated masters of the old “ways” such as tea and brush teach their eager young disciples the patience that sees generations working to perfect their chosen art.

When the thunderous crack of fireworks echo through the night, Obon has arrived and cheerful summer festivals are held up and down the country in honor of ancestral spirits. The deep don-don of taiko drums resonates in the air making your heart beat faster and in unison with this country. Men and women, children and grandparents, all dressed in traditional summer kimono dance themselves into a trance of carefree happiness that embraces everyone watching them.

Travel to Japan in Fall

Autumn arrives in but the blink of an eyelid to transform the foliage on mountain slopes into a blaze of red, orange and yellow, a celebration of colors that easily rivals the beautiful costumes on a Kabuki stage.

Nature is the setting for the mysterious beauty of Miyajima Island in Hiroshima Bay and the picturesque old farmhouses in the remote mountain village of Shirakawa, a UNESCO Heritage Site that ranks among the best in the world.

What better way to experience the warm hospitality of Japan’s beautiful countryside, its exquisite cuisine, and openhearted people than to enjoy a stay in a traditional inn. The simple yet sophisticated ikebana arrangement in the alcove of your tatami room perfectly mirrors the season as does the food, the freshest local fare prepared to the highest culinary standards, all tastefully arranged in many small bowls and dishes of delightfully crafted tableware. Each dish is a sophisticated work of art that pleases your eyes and regales your palate.

Travel to Japan in Winter

Winter approaches fast and its chilly winds draw you to the warmth of an old sake bar advertised by no more than a red lantern beside its door. The few locals in the tiny counter-only space welcome you like an old friend and sip by sip the hot sake warms your body and inspires you to try out a few words of Japanese with the friendly chef as you watch him prepare some morsels of unknown delicacies, each more delicious than the last.

Tokyo’s busy districts and bustling shopping streets are ablaze with the lights of elaborate illuminations making you feel excited and stimulated all at once on these foreign shores. Follow fashionable young couples strolling down the Ginza or along Omotesando where Japan’s exclusive department stores and chic boutiques tempt you to follow the sweet calls of a welcoming irraishaimase that invite you to step inside and experience Japan’s service culture at its finest.

Cold winter days are the perfect time to wander through the warm halls of Tokyo’s first-rate museums holding invaluable collections of Japanese and world art. Immerse yourself in decoding the intricate gestures of antique images of the Buddha or admire the superb artistic expression and craftsmanship of rare Edo-era treasures.

Towards the end of the year the atmospheric hustle and bustle found in the shitamachi area’s old shopping streets, with hawkers’ stalls stockpiled with seasonal foods and traditional Shinto decorations, precedes the country’s New Year’s celebrations when the chiming of temple bells across the city calls worshipers to their local shrine or temple for an auspicious first visit.

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Travel to Japan for an experience of a lifetime.