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Luxury Accommodations


Japan Luxury Hotel Accommodations

Finding the highest quality accommodations doesn’t just mean selecting a five-star hotel. There are many fine and eclectic places to stay in Japan ensconced in interesting surroundings – each having their own local nuances rendering the utmost in overall ambiance and style. We have been to every hotel and ryokan that we recommend and know the best rooms and understand the qualities of each property. We will only place you on a particular property if we can book the specific rooms and offer the highest level of service that will maximize your experience. It’s more than just choosing the most highly rated accommodations.

From our experiences, much thought comes into play to select the proper mix of accommodation style throughout your travels. There are amazing options available that we will bring to your attention so you can enjoy the full flavor of Japan or as much to your liking. Nights at contemporary leading five-star hotels in exciting Tokyo, a romantic ryokan abutting a river in the wooded mountains outside Kurama or perhaps a shukubo or temple lodging near Mt. Koya might be a fun option. The following are highlights from some of our favorite places to stay across Japan with links to some and images of others.

Japan Luxury Hotel and Ryokan Collection

JapanQuest Journeys is pleased to present our Japan Luxury Hotel and Ryokan Collection, exemplifying some of the finest accommodations available in Japan. In addition to our full destination management services, we offer our more self-directed clientele the expertise and advice to choose and book the very best places to stay, all the while benefiting from our access, pricing, and experience. Let JapanQuest Journeys make your journey easier and more enriching through our consultative approach to choosing your accommodations. Please enjoy our collection and send us your inquiries about reservations today.