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Luxury Accommodations

Bettei Otozure, Yamaguchi

Sankara Hotel & ResortBettei Otozure located in Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is surrounded by nature, the mountains, beautiful landscape and the river called Otozure. Here the mountains do not care where you’ve been, the cascading sunshine and light winds that ease through the lobby, do not care where you are going… All that matters is that you are right here! Every luxurious amenity you could want beckons to be discovered. The elegant surroundings, private walkways, and the views all take your breath away. Only 18 rooms are available, each offering broad space in which for guests to relax, and enjoy their time with us.

Bettei Otozure allows you to experience a traditional atmosphere in surroundings unique to Japan. The service given to guests is based on what the staff proudly call, Omotenashi- compassion, hospitality from the heart.

Yamaguchi Prefecture, located at the westernmost end of the main island of Honshu, is known for its beautiful scenery and as the birthplace of the world-famous premium Dassai sake. The region’s Hagi-yaki pottery is among Japan’s most famous. Historically, Yamaguchi had an important role in the Edo era and in bringing Japan’s feudal era to an end with the 19th century Meiji Restoration. The region’s long coastline and location on the Sea of Japan have resulted in centuries of influence from the Korean Peninsula. Its other coast, on the Seto Inland Sea, is dotted with pretty islands, and its rugged interior is full of beautiful mountains and picturesque gorges.