Our Difference for Traveling to Japan

Traveling to Japan

  • Engaging the finest planners, client services directors, guides and subject matter experts that exude the highest levels of knowledge, resourcefulness and thoughtful professionalism.
  • Our team will make the real Japan accessible, interesting and pleasurable – our clients traveling to Japan are our focal point.
  • Unique blend of service overlay.
  • Client services director in Japan – the “go to” person for reservations, itinerary changes, restaurant recommendations, shopping suggestions – holistic support of our clients traveling to Japan.
  • High quality personally selected guides and drivers – Knowledgeable and personable insiders who lead the day-to-day travel play book and provide invaluable insight into Japan’s many mysteries and resources.
  • Co-founder based in Tokyo – Philip Rosenfeld is locally based ensuring our service standards are continually met and that we stay fresh with innovative itineraries and ideas.

Traveler Services for Traveling to Japan

Traveling to Japan Our Difference

  • First-hand knowledge of the best of the best in hotels, inns, restaurants, sites and activities – will lead our clients to the secret, impossible to find spots unlocking the mysteries of Japan.
  • Every recommendation is based on our collective personal experiences.
  • Single country focus means intimate knowledge and undiluted service.
  • Journeys are completely customized, trouble-free and collaborative – reflecting our client’s interests and desires brought together with our creativity, expertise and access.
  • Clients gain access to people, places, events and experiences that are unique and at the pulse of modern Japan.
  • Leading subject matter specialists are incorporated across a spectrum of areas to navigate both modern and quintessential Japan; including the arts, culture, architecture, culinary, fashion, business, government,etc.
  • We bring insightful perspective – the lens to deliver the special experiences that elude most travelers.
  • Our journeys “decode” Japan and provide a deeper contextual understanding of its surroundings, amazing culture and beauty.
  • Itineraries are informative, inspiring, unique and delicately crafted to be useful road maps – “truly a work of art” matching interests and desires.
  • Service is personalized, of the finest quality and seamless throughout.