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Luxury Accommodations


Oyado The Earth, Toba

OyadoSituated in the unique nature of Ise Shima National Park in Toba, near Nagoya, Japan is Oyado The Earth. Upon arrival you will find that this destination is quite dramatic as the final few miles before arriving at the resort becomes quite narrow and winding, but when spotting the property you will understand why being off the beaten path is part of its appeal. Some of the facilities that you can enjoy at the resort is the hot spring and exquisite Japanese Cuisine at their restaurant, Ran, with a boasting panoramically view. Wine pairings is also offered with the Japanese cuisine, something that this resort is very proud of. You will find that all the facilities are kept eco-friendly to coexist with the nature, keeping the surrounding areas beautiful and in place. The experience at Oyado The Earth is perfect from start to finish.

A small development on the private land within Ise-Shima National Park, guests are able to enjoy doing nothing but feel Earth by soaking yourself into natural hot spring bath and enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. There are 7 types of suite rooms are spacious and give the sense of openness. All rooms have an open-air bath filled with hot spring water. Enjoy use of a library, observatory and promenade. Relax at the Esthetic Salon Mio for a treatment or Sou for reflexology. Dining Ran, chic and composed design with boasting panoramically view. Serving Japanese cuisine, Kaiseki composed the concept of enchant with ingredients in season of Ise-Shima and from various areas. Oyado The Earth offers marriage, a combination of wine and cuisine enriches meals and makes the dining scene more meaningful.

Amanemu, Shima

AmanemuSet in a national park on the shores of Ago Bay, Amanemu embraces the ancient Japanese tradition of onsen (mineral hot springs) and the culinary traditions of this gourmet region. The resort’s name is drawn from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’ and nemu, Japanese for ‘sharing joy’.

Amanemu’s 24 suites and four two-bedroom villas are positioned on a hillside offering garden views or panoramic vistas of Ago Bay, its picturesque islets and drifting pearl rafts. Amanemu is Aman’s first mineral hot spring destination. Natural springs abound in the area, and Amanemu’s Aman Spa offers two serene onsen bathing pavilions with mineral rich water from its own spring. Other spa and fitness facilities complement Aman’s holistic approach to wellness.

Souji-in, Koya

TempleSouji-in is a Buddhist temple in Koya-san, Wakayama Prefecture, which provides luxury temple-stays or shukubo for travelers. Souji-in is located west, in the northern part of the large cathedral, adjacent to beautiful Motoyama Kongobuji Temple. Staying at Souji-in is one of the best ways to experience Buddhist life in Japan: bathing before a dinner of traditional shojin-ryori or Buddhist vegetarian meal, and rising with the birds for the morning prayers with the monks. It is an absolutely gorgeous and spiritual setting in a room overlooking a fabulous Zen garden.