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Luxury Accommodations


Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa, Hakone

Hyatt Regency, HakoneHyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa is an onsen (hot springs) resort located in Gora in Kanagawa Prefecture in the central region of Honshu, Japan. This is an area famous for its onsen (hot springs), museums and sightseeing spots, as well as the renowned views of Mount Fuji. The resort is easily accessible from major cities in Japan, at just one and a half hours’ drive west of Tokyo and a two-and-a-half-hour bullet train journey east of Osaka.

Experience a variety of original spa treatments based on naturopathy at Spa IZUMI where guests can also enjoy the many benefits of large on-site onsen. The resort offers a total of 80 spacious Japanese and western-style guestrooms and suites, all of which have a private sun terrace or balcony. Guests at Hyatt Regency Hakone also enjoy Japanese cultural experiences, such as some guestrooms featuring tatami (rush mat) floors, an onsen and a yukata (a traditional garment that is worn around the hotel).

Dining Room, a perfect venue where diners enjoy interesting and sophisticated gastronomic experiences in refined and elegant surroundings, serve authentic French and Sushi cuisine. The intimate Living Room is similar to a lounge, with its own fireplace for the winter, while the Bar offers the finest selection of beverages in a decor and ambiance that is reflective of a private retreat.

Gora Kadan, Hakone

Gora Kadan, HakoneGora Kadan, located in the heart of the Fuji-Hakone National Park, is an architecturally stunning ryokan at which one can enjoy the finest aspects of traditional Japanese hospitality. Located on the grounds of the former summer villa of a member of the Imperial family, the building and facilities have earned high praise for their design, being in harmony with the nearby mountains and blending Japanese tradition along with modern design elements. A stay at Gora Kadan is akin being at a luxurious retreat. Relax while gazing upon the surrounding mountainside, enjoy a tranquilizing spa treatment or sooth your soul in a delectably warm Japanese bath. Since 1981, Gora Kadan has been a member of Relais & Chateaux, the French association synonymous with first class standards.

Hakone Ginyu, Hakone

Gora Kadan, HakoneTucked away in the lush mountains of Hakone lies the spa resort of Hakone Ginyu. ‘Ginyu’ means a person who seeks inspiration for a poem by traveling. The spectacular views of the Hakone mountain range beyond are the perfect backdrop for poetic inspiration. The essence of Japanese style emanates through the corridors of the ryokan and continues throughout the entire resort. The sublime beauty of the natural surroundings will enable you to forget the stress of everyday life as you are transported to a different world.The guest rooms are all homey and restful ,featuring their own open –air baths.Let the sounds of birds and the caresses of gentle breezes waft over you, allowing a restful decent into bliss.

Asaba, Shuzenji

Asaba, ShuzenjiFor 510 years, the Asaba family has heartily opened its doors to visitors. The establishment of our inn dates from 1675. Over the years, we began to acquire the notion that nothing calms the hearts of our guests more soothingly than nature itself; the way a river flows, sparks of light that flitter through a bamboo forest, or the melody of a birdsong. Enticing our guests to enjoy the delicate rhythms of our natural surroundings, while providing an unsurpassed level of luxury, comfort and aesthetic beauty, we have endeavored to create the most naturally inviting of all Japanese inns today.


Yagyu no-Sho, Shuzenji

Yagyu no-Sho, ShuzenjiYagyu no-Sho dates back to 1959 when the ryotei restaurant Yagyu opened in Shiba Shirokane, Tokyo. From this beginning as a purveyor of authentic Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine, Yagyu no-Sho emerged out of our founder’s desire to further dedicate himself to the culinary arts. In 1970, inspired by the traditional scenery of Japan that remained unchanged for centuries on the mountainside of Shuzenji Temple, our founder decided that it should be home to an inn of quality and distinction. From his involvement in kendo, the founder took the revered Yagyu name and christened his newly built hot-spring inn—a classic sukiya-style structure nestled in a copse of bamboo—as Yagyu no-Sho.

In the decades since, in accordance with the founder’s philosophy of “a conscientious inn of sumptuous comfort,” we have consistently sought to make our inn a place where traditional cuisine, baths, scenery, hospitality, and the beauty of Japanese architecture come together as one. In 2009, to mark our 40th anniversary, we undertook renovations of the entrance, baths, and all great suites into authentic honsuki style using generations-old techniques of master craftsmen. With conscientious hospitality as our guiding light, we pledge our utmost to provide our guests with a truly beautiful and wonderful Japanese-inn experience.

Numazu Club, Numazu

Numazu Club, NumazuSenbon-Matsu (Thousand Pine Trees) Numazu Club is a special place for discerning people. Our beautiful, artistically arranged garden features black pine and other kinds of trees, 81 in total. Master gardeners have renovated the vast garden, which was created by the late Zenbei Miwa, second owner of Mitsuwa Soap Co. The tasteful beauty of this garden has been preserved, to convey its long history to the modern age. Senbon-Matsu Numazu Club is adjacent to Senbon Matsubara (Thousand Pine Tree Field), which was selected as one of the Hundred Views of National Matsubara, the classic scenic spots on the ancient Tokaido Highway. In the vast garden, with its silence and sophistication, one can feel the slow, serene passage of time itself. The building that houses Numazu Club was build in 1907 by Zenbei Miwa. He rented a 9,900 sq. meter plot of land from the city of Numazu and built a second house called Shogantei, in modern Japanese style architecture and a historically valuable example of Sukiya (classic residential architecture.

In the Shosekien garden, a beautiful Sukiya building was built by Yusaburo Kashiwagi, the 10th generation of the Kashiwagi family of master craftsmen, who were famous as the finest master carpenters of the Edo Shogunate (1603-1868). All the rooms are tearooms, and the facility is said to have been designed to accommodate tea parties of up to 1,000 guests.This lavish garden was created by a carefree spirit who built it to his own taste. The lovely wooden building can itself be called a work of art. In 2006, the aging facility was fully repaired and restored and emerged as an exclusive guesthouse, Senbon-Matsu Numazu Club. Amid the serene flow of time, you can hear the sound of waves, faint in the distance. The Japanese-style designs of the renowned architect, the late Akira Watanabe, make the new building a space to encourage the relaxation of our special guests. Each of the eight rooms expresses a different type of sophistication.