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Some Special and Different Experiences in Japan

Posted on April 27, 2020 within News

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Have Different Experiences in Japan

Immerse yourself in a sake related experience. Partake in the tradition of “Kaku-uchi” which means to sample different types of sake at a local sake liquor store while chatting and enjoying the lively local atmosphere. You will be accompanied by our local sake sommelier who will provide you with essential knowledge to increase your enjoyment, and assist you to find your type of sake. Or, tour a sake microbrewery with the owner, who will explain the process of brewing as well as the drink’s place in Japanese society. Afterward, the brew master will expertly guide you through a tasting, describing the nuances and subtleties of their sake range. If alcohol is not your bailiwick, we can arrange a tea tasting with an expert in Japanese tea.

Meet with a 5th-generational gold leaf artisan in Nishijin, Kyoto’s textile weaving district where you can visit his 140-year old traditional house and studio or visit a traditional Kimono maker in Kyoto to see how kimonos are designed and made. Head to Shiga Prefecture and meet with a 4th generation indigo artisan who makes works for Imperial collections. Visit his studio and home and experience a demonstration of indigo dying.

Enjoy a private dinner with entertainment by the most accomplished of geisha at an invitation-only teahouse in the Gion district of Kyoto—a quintessential experience that even very few Japanese ever get the chance to see. Relish the superb Kaiseki (multi-course) cuisine while watching the geisha’s graceful dancing and enjoying their renowned charm.

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