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Posted on April 18, 2013 within News

Kanazawa Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days in Kanazawa, one of my favorite cities in Japan. Located on the Sea of Japan coast, Kanazawa was the home of the Maeda lords, daimyo known for their patronage of the arts. Kanazawa retains the beauty and charm of a bygone era where the Maeda’s devotion to the arts permeates the present.

Kenrokuen, one of the finest stroll gardens in Japan, lies at the heart of Kanazawa and no matter how many times I have been there is still as magnificent as when I first laid eyes on it nearly thirty years ago. Whether covered in snow or with radiant blossoms, Kenrokuen is spectacular at any time during the year. From Kenrokuen it is but a short distance to Higashi Chaya, a beautiful area with rows of latticed faced teahouses where geisha have entertained their clients with song and dance for nearly 200 years. Nearby Kenrokuen, is Kanazawa’s former Nagamachi samurai district with its lovely cobblestone streets and earthen walls. Nagamachi is one of the few remaining samurai quarters that exist in Japan today.

Kanazawa is also home to some of Japan’s most beautiful crafts including exquisite laquerware and stunning Kutani porcelain. You can see wonderful examples of these works in one of Kanazawa’s fine museums and you may even feel the urge to acquire one for your very own collection.

Food is of course a highlight of any trip to Japan and Kanazawa will surely impress in this regard. Many Japanese have told me that Kanazawa has some of the finest sushi in Japan and based on my experience there, I certainly will not argue with them.

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Philip Rosenfeld